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Help Section - Applicant Management

Last updated 10 October 2018

Agents Registering On Behalf Of An Applicant

Agents registering on behalf of the Applicant should not list their own details in the Applicant information. However, the Agents’ details may be included in the administrative and technical contact sections of an application. The registering organisation must be listed in the Applicant details. We recommend that the Authorising Officer be someone within the Applicant’s organisation and not an agent. To read a definition of an Authorising Officer, click here to go to the Glossary of Terms .

Applicants using an agent to submit product registration applications for them will need to provide a Letter of Authorisation. This letter confirms that the agent is authorised to act for the Applicant. This letter must be provided on the letterhead of the Applicant and contain an original signature by a representative of the Applicant. This letter must be attached in the Notes and Change history tab when a request to Create a New Applicant is submitted by an agent. If not already provided in the request to create a new applicant it should be provided with the application.

For an example letter of authorisation, click here

In New Zealand, no letter of authorisation is required. However you must ensure you are authorised to submit registrations for the organisation. The ‘Applicant’ is the person or entity manufacturing or importing a product to New Zealand that is covered by the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations. For information on how to contact the New Zealand regulator, click here .