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Help Section - Before You Get Started

Last updated 11th February 2020

Glossary Of Terms

Before you start, make sure you have read the roles and responsibilities and other definitions below. You will be required to accept the terms and conditions of registration, based on the responsibility of your role, when you start an application to register a product. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions of registration carefully.

Note the following definitions:

Term Definition
Administrator (A) A person appointed by the Regulators to manage the Registration System.
Appliance A device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task

The Applicant can be an importer, manufacturer or someone else with an appropriate connection to the supply of a particular product to the Australian or New Zealand market.

The Applicant is the company or organisation submitting product registration applications to the regulatory authorities. The Applicant is responsible for the applications they submit and holds the legal responsibility for the registration.

Agents registering on behalf of the Applicant should not list their own details in the Applicant information. However their details may be included in the administrative and technical contact sections of an application. The registering organisation must be listed in the Applicant details. We recommend that the Authorising Officer (see the definition below) be an officer within the Applicant’s organisation and not an agent.

Applicants submitting product registration applications to the GEMS Regulator may be based in Australia or overseas. For applications to the New Zealand Regulator, the organisation must be a business already registered in New Zealand.


A formal request to register a product under the GEMS Act.

Approved (in the context of application status)

The application has been assessed and approved by the Regulator and the product is now registered in the Energy Rating Product Registration System.

Authorising Officer

This is the person who is authorised by the Applicant (the company or organisation submitting the application) to make the application, manage the registration following approval and manage the Applicant ID account. This person is also known as the Account Manager. We strongly recommend that the Authorising Officer be from the Applicant organisation. This is so that the company or organisation has access to their registrations without having to go through a third party or agent.

Authorised Representative

A person who is approved by the Authorising Officer to represent the Authorising Officer. This person can be a third party or a company representative. Authorisation must be provided in writing. This person completes the application and assists the Administrator with the application and registration. For example, this person could be a compliance manager or an external consultant or agent.

Please note that Authorised Representatives are individuals and not referring agencies.

Authorised Representatives cannot use all functions of the Registration System. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to update this information if the Authorised Representatives change.

Cancelled The registration has been cancelled by the Regulator and the product is no longer registered.

The administrative, technical and accounts payable contact people listed by the Applicant within an application or registration. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to update this information if the Contacts change.

A contact who is an employee or officer of the Applicant must be provided with each application submitted to the GEMS Regulator.

Department The Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (the Australian Regulator).
Draft The application is still being completed by the Applicant and is not yet ready to be submitted to the Regulator.
EECA The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (the New Zealand Regulator).
Energy Rating Product Registration Database (Registration Database) See definition for Energy Rating Product Registration System. These terms may be used interchangeably. It may also simply be referred to as the Registration Database.
Energy Rating Product Registration System (Registration System) The online registration system located at used by applicants to lodge applications for registrations of products. This term is used interchangeably with Energy Rating Product Registration Database. It may also be referred to as the Registration System.
Energy Rating Team The team working under the GEMS Regulator who respond to enquiries and assess product applications in the Registration System.
Expired The registration has reached its end date and the product is no longer registered.
Family of models

A group of two or more models that meet the ‘family of models’ requirements set out in the relevant Determination, and which may therefore be covered by a single registration.

Family requirements can encompass a broad range of factors, and are set with technological and other factors relevant to the particular GEMS product in mind. For example, most currently regulated products models must have the same brand, energy performance and ‘relevant’ physical characteristics (this is generally taken to mean physical characteristics that could affect energy performance, and may be different for different products) to be part of a family of models.

You should refer to the relevant Determination to check if family registrations are available for your product and, if so, what the requirements are.

GEMS Act Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012
GEMS Determination (Determination)

A legislative instrument made under the GEMS Act in which the specific requirements for regulated products—including Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and/or energy rating labelling requirements—are set out.

A GEMS Determination sets out the requirements for each product class, including which clauses in the relevant standard are legal requirements for the product—if applicable. It also establishes which version of the relevant standard is applicable.

GEMS Product (Product) A product that uses energy or affects the amount of energy used by another product and is in a product class covered by the GEMS determination.
GEMS Regulator (Regulator) The Australian Government official responsible for administering the GEMS Act (appointed under section 70). The functions of the GEMS Regulator are set out in section 71 of the GEMS Act.
MEPS Minimum Energy Performance Standards – the energy requirements regulated products must meet in order to be registered and allowed for sale or supply in Australia or New Zealand.

Two GEMS products are the same model if:

  • they have the same technical specifications (in relation to the extent to which the products comply with the requirements of the GEMS Act);
  • they are supplied under the same brand or trademark (or have the same manufacturer if there is no brand or trademark); and
  • there is a single unique identifier (e.g. model number) used to identify the products as being of that model.

(This is a summarised version of the definition of ‘model’. See subsection 12(2) of the GEMS Act for the full text of this definition)

Payment Pending Payment is in the process of being sent to the Regulator.
Public Registration Database The searchable, publicly accessible registration database that is available at the following link:
Public Website See definition for Public Registration Database.
Record ID The five/six digit number that appears in large black text at the top of the screen when viewing an application or registration. This is NOT the registration number.
Refused The application submitted by the Applicant has been refused by the Regulator.
Registration An application for registration that has been successfully processed and approved by the Regulator.
Registration Number The designated alphanumeric ID assigned to a registration once it is approved by the Regulator.
Resubmitted The application has been sent back to the Regulator by the Applicant following changes to the initial application, at either party’s request.
Returned The application has been returned to the Applicant by the Assessor as they have identified changes that must be made before assessment of the application can continue, or they have returned it to the Applicant at the Applicant’s request.
Submitted The application has been submitted by the Applicant to the Regulator for assessment and approval.
Superseded A registered model becomes superseded when a new Determination is made and the model does not meet the new requirements. Generally, superseded models may continue to be sold until the existing stock is exhausted, but no further stock can be imported into Australia, or manufactured in Australia, for supply in the local market.
Suspended The registration has been suspended by the Regulator.
Technical Assessment Officer (TAO) The person assigned to review and assess an application for registration. The TAO is the Applicant’s main point of contact for the application.
Unpaid The registration fee for the application has not been paid.
Variation Approved The change to an approved registration as submitted by the Applicant as a variation is approved by the Regulator.
Withdrawn The application or registration has been pulled by the Applicant.