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Help Section - Account Registration and Access

Last updated 30th August 2021

Log In And Log Out Of Your Account

The following page will show you how to log in and log out of the registration system.

Forgotten your passphrase?

If you cannot remember your passphrase, click here .

Log in to your account

To log in to your existing account:

  1. In the browser, enter The Login page displays, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Login page

Screenshot of the login page
  1. In the “Email or Username” field, enter either your email address or username.
  2. In the "Passphrase" field, enter your Passphrase.
  3. Select the "Log in" button.

Important Note:If you do not enter your login details correctly, you won’t be logged in and you will see a message just above the login fields indicating that your login attempt failed, and that you have 4 attempts remaining. This message will update to show you how many attempts you have remaining if you continue to log in incorrectly. See Figure 2 below.

If you fail to log in five times in a row, you will be locked out of your account. Click here for further details on what to do if you are locked out of your account.

Figure 2: Attempts remaining message

Screenshot of the attempts remaining message

Log out of your account

To log out of your account:

  1. In the top right-hand corner select the “Log out” link.

TIP:You will be automatically logged out if you do not use the site for fifteen minutes.